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Our goal is to develop various products and services on our various specialty branches that, through innovation, represent a unique value to our clients through our consulting and expertise, providing them with the best care and quality of services. We combine the experience and ability of our consultants to improve the management of our clients' businesses. It is not about analyzing problems and providing conceptual solutions, but about getting involved in solving the problem, providing the talent to achieve the best results. Thus, we guarantee an approach based on solid knowledge and extensive professional experience. In this way, the results are tangible and the return on investment of each of the projects is assured.

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We offer development services, consulting and generation of improvement models for organizations of the Private Initiative and Public Administration to support administrative and technological integration in their various areas, mainly comprising the following specialties:

- IT Consulting

- Strategic Planning

- Development of improvement models

- Process Reengineering

- Development of platforms based on processes

- Informatic security

- IT Consulting

- Strategic Planning

- Development of improvement models

- Process Reengineering

- Development of platforms based on processes

- Informatic security

Identidad Digital

Protege tu capital intelectual y suma valor verificado con la creación de ID ́s únicos tokenizados para cada colaborador.

Tesorería Digital

Incorpora servicios de firma digital en tus procesos administrativos de forma legal dando cumplimiento a la norma oficial mexicana NOM-151

Auditoría Blockchain

Integra una capa de auditoría a la operación y el uso de la información del municipio, mediante la integración de las transacciones a tecnología de seguridad blockchain.


- Implementation of Telecommunications Projects

- Implementation of Green Technology Projects

- Development of Audiovisual and Multimedia Projects

The development of our clients is conditioned by their ability to design their future and the ability to implement the necessary operation to achieve it. We support the development of the Strategic Plan of any of the Specialty Areas that make up our service portfolio, based on the diagnosis of the current internal and external situation, in terms of strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats, the analysis of the environment and the creation of viable development alternatives, until the conclusion in concrete goals and actions to be developed. From our group of consultants and those responsible for the project on behalf of our client, we establish the strategic plan.

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The methodology to be followed consists of the following stages:


We establish the work mechanics, defining a plan to achieve the objectives.



We collect and analyze internal and external information, which serves as the basis for the planning process.



We evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to establish objectives.



We define the short and medium term objectives, in order to generate a strategy. 



We generate the project plan document for the presentation with investors to investors and financial institutions.

Project Plan


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